Tobias Marzin

Trailblazer of your financial intelligence

Tobias Marzin

Trailblazer of your financial intelligence

Hi, I’m Tobias

and I’m now over 40 years old. I was born and grew up in the Swabian town of Reutlingen. However, I lived in the Rems Valley near Stuttgart for many years for professional reasons.

Studies and work life

After graduating from high school, I studied mechanical engineering, specializing in energy and automotive engineering, and then completed a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) sponsored by Mercedes. In total, I worked for almost 15 years in various positions in the Mercedes Group, most recently for nearly a decade as a competence team manager in R&D at the “World’s Fastest Family” Mercedes-AMG.

Digital nomad – out of the comfort zone

At the beginning of 2022, I (together with my partner) took the courageous step of breaking out of my comfort zone and escaping the German hamster wheel. Since then we have been traveling to the most beautiful places in the world as digital nomads. It’s a really great feeling to live and work where it’s warm and where others go for their vacations.

Happiness for me is about being my own boss and being able to do what I enjoy and what I’m really passionate about every day.

Tobias Marzin | Mercedes AMG
Tobias Marzin | Digitaler Nomade

Achieving financial independence with expertise and enthusiasm for investments

Passion and interests

My interests are by far not limited to fast cars. I started investing in the stock market while I was a student. I quickly realized that I wanted to take control of my life and my financial future early on. In the meantime, I gained much experience with all asset classes, good as well as not so good. Over the years, my passion for the stock market, economics and finance has developed more and more from a leisure activity into a profession. My interests also include mountain biking, skiing and traveling.

Experience as a mentor and trainer in the field of finance

Thanks to many years of experience in the areas of money, finance and investment, I have been a highly respected advisor to family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances for many years. As a private teacher, trainer and mentor for financial intelligence, I would like to pass on my expertise. With my Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments, I would like to help young people in particular to gain an ideal and early start into the world of finance and help them on their way to financial independence.

Crypto expertise

In 2014, I discovered the fascinating world of crypto technology and invested in my first Bitcoin. Since then, I have built up an in-depth knowledge in this sector. With investment strategies such as staking, liquidity mining and yield farming, I created a regular passive income. My continuous thirst for knowledge drives me to constantly educate myself in this fast-growing field and stay up to date. With my Masterclass Cryptocurrencies, I want to take as many people as possible on the crypto journey to benefit from the greatest investment opportunity of our lifetimes in the coming years.

Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments

Course objectives:

  • Financial education on money, economics, finance and investing for young people and beginners
  • Individual start with long-term wealth building on the way to financial independence
  • Raising financial affairs and investments to a higher level
  • Practical tips and quick hacks on spending, taxes and insurance, and more

Masterclass Cryptocurrencies

Course objectives:

  • Providing all essential cryptocurrency basics and setting up the necessary infrastructure
  • Benefit from the biggest investment opportunity of all time with cryptocurrencies and build up a passive income
  • Plenty of tips and tricks from professionals on the right way to handle, trade and securely manage cryptocurrencies

Mission and inspiration

Unfortunately, schools around the world are still not educating the increasingly important basics of money, finance and investments. My mission is to change that by passing on the knowledge I wish I knew as a young person, especially to the younger generations.

I offer this valuable knowledge for an affordable price in order to make a significant contribution to the promotion of financial intelligence and self-empowerment in society.

My personal and professional journey is meant to be an inspiration for all those who aspire to live a truly free life and become financially independent. Join me on this journey to financial intelligence and learn how you can take control of your life and achieve your financial goals, too!

Tobias Marzin | Mission

Awareness-raising work and commitment

Book "Money Matrix"

Book objectives:

  • Practical guide for beginners on how to handle money and financial topics with confidence
  • Communicate essential financial basics to a wide readership
  • Expand my reputation as a mentor in the areas of finance and investments

Telegram channel

Channel objectives:

  • Financial education on investments and wealth building
  • Public education on economics, politics and society
  • Alternative perspectives to the mainstream media’s propaganda monotony


Channel objectives:

  • Education on the greatest investment opportunity of our times: cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology
  • Focus on regular, high-quality and well-researched content on the topic of crypto
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