Masterclass Crypto

Your personal introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies

Learn the key basics about cryptocurrency in my 1:1 mentoring and grow your knowledge from newbie to seasoned expert!

Masterclass Crypto

Your personal introduction to the world of cryptocurrencies

Learn the key basics about cryptocurrency in my 1:1 mentoring and grow your knowledge from newbie to seasoned expert!

You don’t want to miss out the biggest investment opportunity of our lifetimes?

You’ve heard a lot about cryptocurrencies but don’t know anything about them?
You feel insecure or even completely overwhelmed by the topic of crypto?

You would like to have more knowledge and therefore more confidence in dealing with cryptocurrencies?

You are looking for a personal mentor who will take you by the hand and transform you from a complete newbie to a seasoned expert?

Then my Masterclass Crypto is the perfect choice for you!

I’ve been an active and successful crypto investor since 2014 and know what I’m talking about. I take time for you, impart the necessary knowledge at your own pace and answer your questions in a way that you will understand.

Benefit from my Masterclass cryptocurrencies and learn

Kurs Kryptowährungen

all the key basics about cryptocurrencies

the correct way to trade

the secure storage

building up passive income using detailed quick guides

to identify high-potential projects

many tips and tricks

Content of the Masterclass Crypto

My offer in detail

1:1 online learning sessions of 90 minutes each (approx. 8 meetings, depending on your individual prior knowledge)

Setting up the necessary technical infrastructure for trading cryptocurrencies and building passive income (account with central exchange and web3-enabled browser wallet)

Setting up an external hardware wallet for maximum security

Instructions for trading cryptocurrencies on centralized/decentralized exchanges and dealing with network bridges

Learn the method to identify crypto projects with high technological or economic value in the future

Five investment ideas to get you started with explosive potential and detailed instructions for building income strategies

Exclusive insight into my crypto investment portfolio

1 year access to the group Q&A sessions (questions must be submitted in advance via email)

Bonus: A copy of my book “Money Matrix – The practical guide to financial intelligence and sovereign money management”

Bonus: 3 months of personal support for all your questions and problems after completing your mentoring program

Your invest: 995,00 EUR net

Group rate on request
Payment in installments possible


Katrin | Testimonial | Beginners course cryptocurrencies

Masterclass Crypto

“I have known Tobias since we were at school together. Since then he has been an integral part of my life. Even though we now live further apart geographically, during our video calls it always felt as if we were sitting right next to each other like before – his warmth and patience not only influenced our collaboration, but also the way he introduced me to the world of cryptocurrencies.

I started his beginners course with some basic knowledge and really had no idea about the variety and mechanisms behind the countless cryptocurrencies. Thanks to his clear explanations and practical approach, I learned to invest smartly in cryptos and develop effective investment strategies. Thanks to my own initiative and constant support from Tobias, I now feel confident in dealing with cryptocurrencies and the corresponding investment strategies. I’m extremely excited to see how the topic of cryptocurrencies will develop further and grateful for the valuable insights that Tobias has given me. The potential seems limitless and absolutely forward-looking.

Tobias is a reliable and extremely helpful mentor. His experience makes him a real financial luminary, and not just when it comes to crypto. He shares his knowledge in a simple and visually understandable way; you can feel his enormous passion for the topic. Dear Mo, a huge thank you for your time, patience and fantastic coaching!

If you are interested in crypto, I can highly recommend you to contact Tobias and take advantage of this opportunity!”

Patrick, 43 years old
Application engineer


Masterclass Crypto

I met Tobias in the Philippines and he was very friendly, open and helpful from the beginning. He answered every question I asked him.

In the beginning, I really had a lot of doubts if crypto was right for me. But I can recommend Tobias to anyone who is looking for a competent and experienced mentor. The trainings were always very exciting and varied. His manner and knowledge also make the implementation much easier. He supports you until you understand and is always helpful and open to questions. I took the cryptocurrency beginner’s course and I’m so glad I decided to do it.

Fabio, 24 years old
Industrial Mechanic
Fabio | Testimonial | Einsteigerkurs Kryptowährungen
Katrin | Testimonial | Beginners course cryptocurrencies

Masterclass Crypto

At the end of the day, we all have dreams. Financial independence allows you to realize them at some point. If, like me, you spend years asking your brother in a US bank for investment tips and his answers are rather unsatisfactory and lead to permanent financial insecurity, you will more or less inevitably find yourself alone and unprepared on the ice. There is a great risk of going wrong and making mistakes.

But there are bearers of hope and lighthouses like Tobias, who will take you by the hand on your way through the crypto jungle and share his extensive knowledge with you at a very fair price. And especially at the beginning, when it was important, he was there for me nearly 24/7 with support.

The earlier you learn how to invest in cryptocurrencies properly through his crypto mentoring, the faster you will get closer to your financial dreams…

Katrin, 45 years old
Team Assistant Business Tax

Masterclass Crypto

I approached Tobias as a complete newbie to the subject of crypto and was looking for trustworthy clarification on this future-oriented and fascinating topic.

Tobias’ level of competence in this area is impressive, and he answers every question about crypto and investments for me in a confident and understandable way. I was impressed by his honesty and authenticity – having an advisor like him at my side was an absolute lucky strike for me!

Thanks to him, I am now a crypto investor and generate a regular passive income. I feel comfortable and very well informed when it comes to crypto. If you are looking for someone to support you in this complex topic, I can recommend Tobias without any reservations. There is no better and more honest advisor I could have asked for.

Many thanks also for your tireless efforts in educating people, Tobias!

Madlen, 40 years old
Medical Assistant
Madlen | Testimonial | Einsteigerkurs Kryptowährungen

I am the perfect crypto mentor for you because:

Tobias Marzin | Einsteigerkurs Kryptowährungen
I have been investing in the crypto market for 10 years, have lots of practical experience and am continuously learning more about this field
I have been successfully generating passive income in the crypto market for years using various investment strategies
I can explain the complexity of the crypto world to you in simple and understandable terms so that you can understand and implement it yourself
I will take you by the hand and take the time to dive into the crypto world with you step by step
I already have many success stories to show, including some high crypto profits
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