My new and first financial book

Money Matrix

The practical guide to financial intelligence and sovereign money management

Financial Book | Money Matrix | Tobias Marzin

My new and first financial book

Money Matrix

The practical guide to financial intelligence and sovereign money management

Finanzbuch Money Matrix Tobias Marzin

Welcome to the fascinating world of financial intelligence and education.
Dive into the depths of the Money Matrix with this financial book!

With this financial book, you hold the ultimate practical guide to sovereign money management in your hands.

From individual budgeting and household planning, the various asset classes, the complex world of taxes and the law, successful long-term investment strategies to the financial intelligence required in everyday life, as well as financial education and psychological aspects of investing – this financial book covers all the most important aspects on over 500 pages.

Whether you’re already an experienced investor or just getting started with finance, Money Matrix offers you valuable knowledge that you can immediately apply in practice. Be inspired by practical financial tips that will help you in daily business to improve your overall financial situation. Money Matrix is your reliable companion on your path to profound knowledge and financial independence.

Be curious and motivated by the opportunities this book offers to you. Discover the transformative power of financial intelligence and learn how to take control of your financial future. Invest in yourself and become the architect of your own financial success!

Read “Money Matrix – The practical guide to financial intelligence and sovereign money management” and take the first step towards your financially carefree future!

Benefits of my financial book

This financial book is more than just a book, it is your key to financial independence!

It is a comprehensive and practice-oriented reference book for all your questions about money, finance and investment.

My book offers you the perfect introduction, whether you are a pupil, student, trainee or young professional or simply want to take control of your financial affairs by yourself.

It is suitable for beginners as well as advanced investors. Even for financial professionals, it offers additional value.

This guide offers you not only in-depth knowledge, but also step-by-step instructions to achieve your financial goals and master your money affairs.

My financial book Money Matrix will change your understanding of money and finance forever!
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Content of my financial book

Building financial intelligence

Learn the knowledge, skills and the correct mindset in dealing with money and finances

Use of information

Find ways to financial education through books, blogs, podcasts, seminars and training courses

Budgeting & household planning

Create your personal budget and optimize your income through career enhancement

Financial organization in daily business

Boost your finances to a new level, automate your finances and identify saving potentials

Debt & credit behavior

Learn strategies for dealing with debt and credit as well as smart ways to repay them

Asset protection & retirement planning

Build your own financial target system and use strategies for systematic wealth creation

Financial markets & investments

Get to know the different financial markets with their respective opportunities and risks as well as their investment options

Investment classes from A-Z

Understand the different asset classes from equities, bonds, precious metals, cryptocurrencies to exotic investments

Long-term financial strategies

Develop your individual, long-term and diversified investment portfolio and confident risk management

Psychology & Emotions

Recognize how emotions have a big impact on your financial decisions and how to take control of them

Build a passive income

Grow your income through alternative income sources and learn how to generate passive income

Taxes & law in the field of finance

Use tax-optimized investments and understand the most important legal aspects of finance

Inheritance & estate planning

Understand important tax considerations when transferring assets and intelligent estate planning

Sustainable finance & ethics

Analyze your own consumer behavior in terms of ethics and sustainability in order to optimize your investment decisions

Financial trends & developments

Focus on trends and future developments such as artificial intelligence or blockchain technology

About the author

Hi, I’m Tobias

I was born and grew up in Reutlingen, Germany. After studying mechanical engineering, I worked for 15 years in various positions in the Mercedes Group.

During my studies, I started to get involved with the stock market and quickly realized that I wanted to take control of my own financial future. During this time, I also started actively investing in the stock market and bought my first shares. I have been active on the crypto market since 2014. Since then, I have continuously expanded my expertise in this segment. For many years, I have been a highly valued financial advisor and expert among my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

At the beginning of 2022, I decided with my partner to break out of our own comfort zone and leave the German hamster wheel behind us. Since then, we are traveling the world as digital nomads.

As a private teacher, trainer and mentor for financial intelligence, I would like to pass on my knowledge especially to the younger generation.

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