Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments

Practical basic knowledge for pupils, trainees, students and beginners

Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments

Practical basic knowledge for pupils, trainees, students and beginners

Would you like to know everything about money, finance and investment that is unfortunately still not taught at school?

Would you like to start investing and building wealth with your own individual strategy?

Would you like to have more knowledge and therefore more confidence in dealing with the various investment classes?

Would you like to set yourself up optimally for the future with lots of practical tips and boost your finances to a high level?

Are you looking for a personal mentor who will take you by the hand and transform you from a complete newbie into a seasoned expert?

Then my Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments is the perfect choice for you!

I have been an active and successful investor for over 20 years and know exactly what I’m talking about. I take time for you, impart the necessary knowledge at your own pace and answer your questions in a way that you will be able to understand.

Benefit from my money, finance and investment training and learn

Kurs Kryptowährungen

the most important basics of the various investment classes

the mindset of an investor

how to professionalize and automate your finances

important practical tips for your day-to-day life

how the stock market works and how you can successfully grow your money with your individual strategy

many more valuable tips, tricks and quick hacks

My training offers you the perfect start into the topics of money, finance and investment. Whether you are a pupil, student, trainee or young professional, or at an advanced age and finally want to take control of these topics by yourself.

Content of the Masterclass Money, Finance and Investments

My offer in detail

1:1 online learning sessions of 90 minutes each (approx. 10 meetings for modules 1-8)

Setting up the necessary infrastructure for stock exchange trading

Setting up an account for trading cryptocurrencies

Practical recommendations for action as well as tips and tricks on day-to-day topics such as insurances or taxes

Specific entry-level investment strategies

1 year access to the monthly group Q&A sessions (questions must be submitted in advance via email)

Bonus: A copy of my book “Money Matrix – The practical guide to financial intelligence and sovereign money management”

Bonus: 3 months of personal support for all your questions and problems after completing the training program

Your invest: 595,00 EUR net

Group rate on request
Payment by installments possible

Would you like to deepen your financial knowledge specifically in the area of crypto?

No problem! Check out my “Masterclass Crypto”, it offers you all the basic knowledge you need to get started right away!



Basic finance and investment training
& Beginners course cryptocurrencies

Tobi’s basic finance and investment training was a groundbreaking experience for me. As someone who previously had very little knowledge in finance, I can say without a doubt that it was the best thing that could have happened to me. Instead of digging through countless sources to acquire the necessary knowledge, I had an extremely competent, experienced, flexible and courteous coach at my side.

The coaching started with the essential basics such as mindset, cash flow mapping, taxes and insurance. Afterwards, I learned the basic financial concepts and gained valuable insights into the monetary and financial system. We also dealt intensively with the stock market and the various investment classes, from shares and funds to cryptocurrencies. The course concluded with investment strategies, diversification and, of course, the practical implementation of the knowledge acquired. This structured way of learning made it easy for me to get started and set a solid base for the topics of money, finance and investment that are so important nowadays.

I highly recommend the training to anyone who is at the beginning of their financial journey or wants to improve their skills. It has enriched my life and opened my eyes to the world of finance.

Hannah, 19 years old
School Graduate
Hannah | Testimonial | Basis-Training Finanzen und Investment
Mathis | Testimonial | Basis-Training Finanzen und Investment

Basic finance and investment training
& Beginners course cryptocurrencies

The meetings with Tobi were a real revelation for me! In his captivating way, he explained everything to me about cryptocurrencies, the history of money and fundamental financial concepts. Even my questions were always answered in detail, and Tobi’s flexibility in scheduling was great for me as a high school student. His easy-going nature ensured that the meetings were not only educational, but also exciting and entertaining.

All in all, the financial training was an important life experience for me that really changed my mind. I can say with full conviction: 11/10! I am now an investor at the age of 15!

If you want to learn more about the topic, there is no better mentor than Tobi. His expertise and approachable manner make him the perfect choice for any young person looking to enter the world of finance and cryptocurrencies.

Mathis, 15 years old
High School Student

I am the perfect financial and investment trainer for you because:

Tobias Marzin | Basis-Training Finanzen und Investment
I have been successfully investing in the stock market for over 20 years, have a lot of practical experience with all asset classes and continuously educate myself with further knowledge
I teach you the most important lessons about money, finance and investing briefly, concisely and comprehensibly so that you understand them and can apply them directly in practice
I focus on your individual needs and goals
I work with you to develop a personalized financial and investment strategy based on your financial situation, risk tolerance and long-term plans
I act completely independently of commissions and in your best interests
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